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Hiring Heavy Construction Equipment

Hiring heavy construction equipment is something that I have recently learnt a lot about. I do not work in the construction industry, but last year, I decided that I would complete a dream of mine. I had always wanted to construct a monument to a friend of mine who passed away a few years ago. The monument would be around 50 feet high and would be in the shape of a large owl, which was my friends favourite animal. However, in order to construct this, I realised I would need cranes and earth moving equipment. My friend Barry who works in construction helped me to locate the equipment I needed and ensured that I understood how to get a good price and how to find trained people who could help me to achieve my objective. I hope you like my blog and that it helps you.


Choosing the Perfect Gravel for Your Garden

15 April 2019
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If you are remodelling your yard or garden, then crushed rock is always a popular hardscaping material. Not only does it combine well with other landscaping materials, but it is low cost and environmentally friendly. The only problem for most homeowners considering gravel or crushed rock for their garden is that there are so many sizes and colours available that it can be tricky to decide which type of crushed rock they should choose. Read More …

Subtle Aspects to Consider When Conducting Boom Lift Inspection

22 January 2019
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According to statistics that were released by Safe Work Australia, falls from high heights are a significant contributor to workplace fatalities. If you have ever worked at high points before, then you know that these figures are worrying. However, you can improve safety by following laid down guidelines for working at height. Part of this involves inspecting boom lifts accordingly. While you might have an idea of what to check, there are a couple of things that most workers tend to ignore. Read More …