The Benefits Aluminum Tipper Bodies Hold Over Other Materials

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The Benefits Aluminum Tipper Bodies Hold Over Other Materials

23 September 2019
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Tipper bodies are an essential item for many construction teams as their unique ability to dump their load out the back makes them especially qualified at transporting raw material. When looking for your own truck tipper bodies, there are a few things you need to think about: the size, age of the body and, perhaps most importantly, the material the body is made of. While there are a few different types of truck tipper bodies, there is one that remains better at handling rough loads, for longer and in worse conditions: aluminium. 


Aluminium tipper bodies have a special ability to resist deterioration because aluminium is inherently more capable of avoiding rust and other signs of metallic ageing that steel commonly suffers from. This is because aluminium naturally creates an oxidised layer on its surface, which stops corrosion (rust). Steel has to be treated to stop it rusting and, over time, this treatment can get worn away, leaving the tipper bodies open to corrosion. If you are intending on using your truck tipper bodies to move lots of harsh materials, like sand or gravel, then this will speed up the deterioration of that protective layer on the steel. If you want long lasting then aluminium tipper bodies are the way to go.

Better For Your Truck

When buying tipper bodies, you need to consider how they will affect the actual body of your truck. Aluminum tipper bodies weigh less than other materials while retaining a similar strength level. This means that you can load more into an aluminium tipper body without the risk of overloading your maximum weight limit. Steel is generally much heavier, and because of this, the loads that you can carry is reduced to avoid buckling the truck's frame underneath. If you want your truck to last as long as your tipper body does, then aluminium is a good choice.

Better For The Environment

An oft underrated aspect of aluminium is that using it over steel is much better for the environment. Aluminum is very easy to recycle and when it is recycled it uses only 5 per cent of the greenhouse gasses that making brand new aluminium would. When aluminium is made from raw materials it also uses far less harsh chemicals than creating steel does, since steel is an alloy and requires a lot more tinkering to get right. Also, when you are actually out there using your aluminium tipper body, you use less fuel because it weighs so much less, saving you money over the lifetime of the truck.  

For more information about aluminium tipper bodies, consult a resource in your area.