Choosing the Perfect Gravel for Your Garden

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Choosing the Perfect Gravel for Your Garden

15 April 2019
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If you are remodelling your yard or garden, then crushed rock is always a popular hardscaping material. Not only does it combine well with other landscaping materials, but it is low cost and environmentally friendly. The only problem for most homeowners considering gravel or crushed rock for their garden is that there are so many sizes and colours available that it can be tricky to decide which type of crushed rock they should choose.

Here are the three things you should take into account before purchasing gravel supplies for the garden.

How will you use the gravel?

The appearance of your gravel is important, but the way you will use the gravel is equally vital to consider. Are you using the gravel in an area where it will be walked on? Do you plan to combine the crushed rock with pavers or stepping stones? Some types of crushed rock will 'roll' underfoot while other types of gravel will compact under pressure to create a firm surface on which it becomes easier to move a wheelchair or baby buggy. Stepping stones are always popular, but they only work if you can be certain that your crushed rock doesn't rise and end up on the pavers. Choosing either very fine gravel or stones with a larger particle size makes it more likely that the rock stays where you want it.

Do you want to keep the crushed rock out of the house?

Gravel may look good in your garden, but you don't want it coming into your home. Pieces of gravel stuck to the bottom of your shoes can cause serious damage to a hardwood floor or a carpet once it is tracked into the house. To keep the crushed rock where you want it, choose large-particle gravel which is too big to get stuck between the treads of your shoes. It can be a good idea to finish off your crushed rock walkway with a binding product to be certain that the stones are locked in place and will not move from the desired position.

Which colour suits your environment?

When choosing the colour of your rock or gravel, don't just pick a colour you like. Take the time to think about the colours of any pavers you will need. Look at the other visible colours in the garden and on the exterior of your property. Warm-toned stone can help to lighten your garden while cooler tones will make brighter colours stand out.