Why Diamond Core Drilling Is the Ideal Solution for Most Large Construction Jobs

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Why Diamond Core Drilling Is the Ideal Solution for Most Large Construction Jobs

17 June 2019
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If you are involved in a major construction project and are weighing your options, you will be thinking about how to complete the task most efficiently and, crucially, what kind of equipment to use. You may need to penetrate various different materials, including stone, asphalt and concrete, and in each case, the most efficient and fastest technique is undoubtedly diamond core drilling. How does this work, and why is it beneficial?

Core Drilling Benefits

While you are certainly chasing efficiency and need to adhere to strict deadlines, you have to consider environmental issues at the same time. Diamond core drilling is one of the least invasive methods and causes a minimal amount of noise during operation.

You may also want to avoid causing damage to any nearby surfaces through unwanted vibration, and once again, this drilling method is perfect for that. It will cause a minimal amount of spalling, and you won't need to think about reinstatement work. This means that operators can continue to move from job to job without worrying about downtime and repairs.

Drill Categories

There are three different categories of core drilling equipment, based on the size of the job in question. The smallest category is typically earmarked for making small diameter holes using handheld tools, but they can also be used to finish off an area that has been cut with a big machine.

In the middle category, electrically powered machines are used to create larger holes or openings and are in widespread use among professional drilling contractors.

If your job is particularly challenging, then you may need to choose the largest type of core drilling machine, which is typically powered by a hydraulic or electric motor. You may need to choose this type of drill if there is a considerable amount of reinforcement or rebar in the structure or if you need higher levels of accuracy. These machines typically require copious amounts of water at the job site and a reliable, uninterrupted power supply for best results.

Accurate Planning

Each job site has its own requirements, and you will need to analyse your challenge before choosing the right equipment. You may need to select several different drills for the biggest jobs, including a smaller and handheld machine for accurate finishing.

Making Your Selection

Talk with your equipment suppliers to see what they recommend once you have provided them with all the criteria. They will be able to use their past experience to tailor their recommendation.