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Hiring Heavy Construction Equipment

Hiring heavy construction equipment is something that I have recently learnt a lot about. I do not work in the construction industry, but last year, I decided that I would complete a dream of mine. I had always wanted to construct a monument to a friend of mine who passed away a few years ago. The monument would be around 50 feet high and would be in the shape of a large owl, which was my friends favourite animal. However, in order to construct this, I realised I would need cranes and earth moving equipment. My friend Barry who works in construction helped me to locate the equipment I needed and ensured that I understood how to get a good price and how to find trained people who could help me to achieve my objective. I hope you like my blog and that it helps you.


3 Hydraulic Equipment Repair Tips for New Construction Business Owners

3 February 2018
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If you have started a construction business in Australia recently, then you should know that non-residential and infrastructural development sectors are expected to grow, based on projections. If the positive outlook is anything to go by, then your business should witness steady growth; however, as with all other startups, keeping expenses low should be a primary objective. Management of running costs entails paying attention to repair and maintenance of construction equipment. Read More …