Demolition - Kinds of Heavy Equipment Machinery That Can Be Utilised

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Demolition - Kinds of Heavy Equipment Machinery That Can Be Utilised

22 February 2018
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Most people typically associate demolition with a wrecking ball. And although wrecking balls can play a critical role in the process, this not the only equipment that is used. Contractors will utilise an array of heavy equipment machinery for various applications during the demolition process, as there is a range of jobs that need to be completed. If you are pondering on engaging in some demolition on your property, whether minor or bringing down an entire structure, the following are some of the heavy equipment machinery that your contractors may utilise.

Demolition bulldozers

Contrary to popular belief, a bulldozer does not refer to the entirety of the vehicle that is classified under heavy equipment machinery. In actuality, the bulldozer part of the machinery is the dozer plate that is mounted on the tractor. Therefore, although you may be familiar with bulldozers being used for land clearing, they can be utilised in demolition too! Demolition bulldozers are particularly convenient if your demolition site is characterised by rough terrain that would require a vehicle with four-wheel drive capabilities. Moreover, the bulldozer can facilitate the clearing of the debris once the demolition is complete.

Demolition cranes

Cranes are conventionally associated with lifting materials on construction sites for accessibility at higher levels. What you may be surprised to realise is that they are also highly functional during a demolition project. The long reach of the cranes makes them capable of breaking apart the higher parts of a structure, making it easier to raze the building. Two main types of cranes can be employed during a demolition project. The first is the mobile crane, which comprises trusses that have been installed on a movable platform such as a flatcar. The second is the fixed crane which is a stationary alternative directly installed where it is needed.

Demolition loaders

Another important type of equipment during the demolition process is the loader. Loaders may not be utilised for bringing down the structure, but they do offer a host of services that will facilitate the project. A demolition loader, for starters, is essential for transporting any subsequent debris either to be recycled or to be disposed of appropriately. Secondly, loaders are also useful in carrying heavy equipment machinery to the demolition site. The main thing to note about loaders is that you would have to choose between wheel-based varieties and the track-based alternatives based on the terrain of the demolition site. 

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