Is A Quality Used Crane Better Than A New One?

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Is A Quality Used Crane Better Than A New One?

29 November 2021
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Having quality machinery allows you to grow your business further and meet the demand of larger projects. When in the market for your first lifting, loading and moving equipment, you have the option to buy a new or a preowned crane. Although a piece of brand-new equipment can seem appealing, it may not be necessary, considering cranes are some of the most expensive pieces of heavy construction equipment you can own. There is a strong case to be made when it comes to purchasing used cranes, especially if they are safe, reliable and meet set specifications. If you are in the market for a workhorse to add to your fleet, here are the benefits associated with purchasing a used crane. 

Upfront Savings 

A crane purchase calls for a substantial investment, and saving ample amounts of money is a prime advantage of going for a piece of used equipment. Think of it this way, used equipment that serves the same purpose as its newer counterpart will cost significantly less, or is nearly half the price. Not only does this lower your investment cost, it also allows you the option to purchase multiple pieces of equipment for the price of one. 

Experience in Handling Equipment 

Used cranes provide better operational value since operators are likely familiar with the full history of equipment and how it works. A newer model will likely include new features and upgrades that may not benefit your operations. Every model of improved mechanical equipment will be unfamiliar to your current operator, thus calling for retraining or a new operator to handle the machinery. This will require additional training costs, not to mention downtime as you wait for your operator to learn about the latest upgrades and changes. 


As mentioned earlier, new cranes can be expensive. Thus, it can be rare to find a dealership with a large inventory or brand-new heavy construction equipment on the ground and ready to go at a moment's notice. Chances are, you will have to accommodate a waiting period before you can receive your brand-new crane to start working on your project. If you have a lot of work in the near future, you are better suited to a piece of preowned equipment. Well-maintained used cranes are readily available, and you don't have to incur the risk of delayed deliveries or missing out on important projects. 

When sourcing a used crane, make sure you purchase one from a reliable supplier to guarantee quality and longevity. A knowledgeable and reputable supplier will instil confidence in your purchase, and you are practically guaranteed a crane that meets set standards. Contact a local crane equipment supplier near you to learn more.