Top Tips When Buying Trailer Parts

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Top Tips When Buying Trailer Parts

18 August 2021
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Over time, your dolly, 3-axle trailer, or gooseneck trailer will need replacement parts once the current components wear out. Most people are often in a dilemma over whether to buy new or used trailer parts. Well, this should not be your situation. Read the excerpt below for a comparative analysis of how and when to buy new or used trailer parts

Buying New Trailer Parts

It should always be your go-to option when repairing your trailer. New parts last for long and are less likely to damage your trailer. Below are some tips to help you when buying new trailer parts: 

  • Establish the part's manufacturer. Preferably, buy parts made by the company that made your trailer. These parts are specifically designed to offer maximum efficiency on your trailer.
  • Examine the compatibility of the part. Remember, newer trailer models could come with different parts that may not fit your trailer.
  • Ensure that the part has a warranty so that you can return it if it breaks down due to manufacturing defects.
  • Always go for a professional installation. Sometimes, oversights when conducting a DIY installation could reduce the lifespan of the part. For example, poorly fitted suspension components could wear out or affect the stability of your trailer. 

Buying Used Trailer Parts

Used parts should be considered when you are on a budget or cannot source a new part for your trailer. When buying a used trailer part, conduct a thorough assessment to ensure the component is in excellent condition. The easiest way to perform this evaluation is by comparing the used part with the worn-out part from your trailer. For instance, does it have the same kind of wear? If it does, what is the extent of this wear? It will give you insights into the longevity of the part. In addition, check whether the part has cracks and rust that could affect its functionality. If you do not have an alternative, you could buy the part in "as is" condition and take it to a repair shop for refurbishing. For instance, with proper machining, a part can be straightened to return to its original condition. Threading machines will create threads to ensure you have an easy time fixing the component to your trailer. 

Whether you are buying new or used parts, always deal with reputable and accredited dealers. It is the only way to ensure that you are purchasing genuine parts with a guarantee. Besides, these dealers will give discounts and complimentary services to their customers.