Two Tips for Carrying Out Demolition Work at Night

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Two Tips for Carrying Out Demolition Work at Night

25 October 2018
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If a building that needs to be demolished is in a public area that is very busy during the daytime, the demolition of that structure may need to be carried out at night. If this is the case for your upcoming demolition project, here are some tips that should help you with this challenging situation.

Make sure that those working near the heavy construction equipment are wearing high-visibility jackets

If the demolition work will be carried out after dark, it is absolutely essential to ensure that every person who will be working on the ground close to the cranes, excavators and other construction equipment wears a high-visibility jacket.

High-visibility jackets are important because even when a person is operating a piece of heavy construction during the day, it can be difficult for them to see people working on the ground close by as the equipment's bulky components (such as a bulldozer's front blade, for example) can partially obstruct their view of the surrounding area.

At night, it is virtually impossible for someone operating a large crane or excavator to spot someone near their machinery who is not wearing a fluorescent jacket. Their view of the surrounding area is obscured both by the equipment itself and by the darkness. The equipment's lights will only illuminate the small strips of ground directly in front and behind it.

As such, if those standing close to the equipment are not wearing high-visibility jackets, there is a risk that the operator will accidentally hit them. Due to how powerful and heavy this equipment usually is, being struck by it could leave a person with fatal injuries.

Check the condition of the construction equipment's lights before it gets dark outside

Before night falls, those who will be operating the heavy construction equipment during the demolition process should check the condition of the equipment's lights.

If one of the bulbs in these lights is on the verge of blowing or if the electrical wiring that powers these lights is damaged, and these issues are not addressed before the demolition work gets underway, the lights may stop working whilst the equipment is being driven around the site in the dark.

If this happens, the operator may temporarily lose their sense of direction and drive the equipment towards a group of people carrying out work nearby. If they hit them with the equipment, they could inflict serious injuries.

Given this, it is critical for the operators to check that the lights are in good working order (and to resolve any issues that they discover) before night falls and they begin the demolition process. 

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