Excavator Equipment You need to Hire for Demolition Projects

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Excavator Equipment You need to Hire for Demolition Projects

28 February 2018
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If you have recently bought or inherited land, you may be facing the need to demolish older buildings on the property. This means either hiring a company to do it or handling it yourself. If you decide to handle it yourself, you will need excavator equipment designed to help with the demolition process and land clearing. Here are three main pieces of excavator equipment that you should consider and can hire out from a reputable equipment hire.

Excavator Hammers

If you are demolishing sheds, small buildings, and outbuildings on a property, then you will likely need to break up concrete. Concrete may make up the foundation, some of the walls, and other aspects of the buildings. For this excavator, hammers will likely be your best option. These can be brought in and break up the concrete for easier removal. They can also hammer deeper into the concrete to break up the material that is likely underground or embedded.

Excavator Buckets

Excavator buckets are a vital piece of equipment for demolition projects and clean up. You will need to use them to remove the debris that may be left from the demolition. For example, if you use an excavator hammer to break up foundations and walls, you will be left with larger chunks of debris. The buckets allow you to use the excavator to scoop up the debris and remove it easily. You can also use the buckets to transport the debris to skip bins for removal from the area.

Excavator Grapplers

Grapplers are an item that many people do not think of when they think of excavation equipment and demolition projects. The truth is, grapplers can help greatly with picking up and moving items to another location on the site. For example, you may have some materials that you want to recycle, such as metal scrap, and you need to move it away from the debris that is going to waste management. Grapplers help you pick up these items and move them easily. Keep in mind, you may think buckets are an ideal option for this, but some items may not scoop into buckets easily. This is where grapplers come in.

Keep in mind that some of this equipment may require an operator certification. If you are unsure if you need operator certification, contact your equipment hire. They can answer questions regarding licensing, pricing and hire contracts for their equipment. They can also answer related questions you may have regarding the excavator equipment itself.