What Should You Expect to See Included in Your Mobile Crane Quote?

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What Should You Expect to See Included in Your Mobile Crane Quote?

8 February 2018
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When you need to hire a mobile crane for a particular job, the total cost of hire is always one of the most important aspects to consider. Quotes for mobile crane hire can vary from company to company, but should typically include the following elements:

The cost of hiring the equipment

Companies that rent out mobile cranes usually offer a wide selection of equipment for renters to choose from. Though all types of mobile cranes are designed to perform the same job — that is, to lift, move and lower heavy materials and objects, they differ based on size and capabilities. As a result, crane rental companies charge different prices for different types of crane equipment. 

Before deciding which type of mobile crane to hire, it is important that you assess your needs first. The cheapest crane will be of no use to you if it can handle your job, so make sure to strike the right balance between what's needed and what's affordable. 

The cost of hauling the equipment 

Even the smallest types of mobile cranes require heavy haulage, so ensuring safe transportation is critical. For this reason, expert-handling will be required when transporting the cranes to and from the intended worksites. Aside from that, mobile cranes cost a pretty penny to buy, so crane rental companies are usually keen to ensure they are transported in a damage-free manner. 

For the most part, mobile crane rental firms are responsible for delivering crane equipment to their client's preferred location and then picking up the equipment from the same location at the end of the hire period or once the client is done using the equipment. Therefore, you should expect to see these hauling costs included in the quote sent to you.

The cost of insurance coverage

As already mentioned earlier, crane equipment cost a lot of money to buy. Thus, crane rental companies usually need to protect these assets from potential loss or damage, especially when rented out. Having a comprehensive insurance policy usually comes in handy in this regard. 

However, as a crane renter, you should be ready to foot part of the insurance expenses, as you will be increasing the risk of equipment loss or damage by renting a mobile crane from your preferred service provider.

When you are comparing quotes from different crane rental companies, it is important to check what is included and what is not included in each quote. If certain costs are not included in a particular quote, then you shouldn't make a decision before finding out what the hidden costs are. For more information, contact companies like Davo's Crane Hire.