Why a Telehandler Is a Must-Have as Part of Your Heavy Lifting Equipment Arsenal

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Why a Telehandler Is a Must-Have as Part of Your Heavy Lifting Equipment Arsenal

7 February 2018
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As long as you have ventured into the construction industry, you cannot avoid investing in heavy lifting equipment. Nonetheless, when you do decide to purchase of one of these types of machinery, you will find that there are different types available in the market to suit different jobs on site. However, it would not make fiscal sense to purchase multiple types of lifting equipment, as chances are you will not be using all of them simultaneously. One of the most versatile pieces of lifting equipment that you can opt for is a telehandler. This form of lifting machinery provides you with the reach of a crane while also offering you the performance of a forklift all wrapped in one! Read on for reasons why a telehandler should be a must-have as part of your heavy lifting equipment arsenal.

A telehandler is functional on smooth and rough terrain

When it comes to picking out construction equipment, one of the principal factors to bear in mind would be the terrain. Some forms of equipment are better suited to smooth terrain as that is how their wheels are designed whereas others can be utilised off-road as they have 4WD capabilities. A telehandler is considered one of the more versatile options as it offers you both off-road and on-road capabilities. Therefore, no matter the terrain of your construction site, you would not have to factor this when deciding on which type of lifting equipment you would need for your project.

 A telehandler has rotational capabilities

Typically, lifting equipment is stationary. Therefore, you would have to set up the machinery exactly where you need it for it to raise and lower supplies to the locations they are required. An advantage that some telehandlers have over other types of lifting equipment is its ability to rotate. The equipment is designed with a stationary base to provide sturdiness, but the top part of the equipment is fitted with a crane that can turn to any angle that you desire. This feature provides your construction site with enhanced accessibility and increased flexibility, which inevitably will boost the performance of your contractors. 

A telehandler has computerised calculations

With most types of lifting equipment, you have to ensure that you are raising or lowering materials that fit within the weight range or your run the risk of overloading your machinery. However, since individuals do these calculations, there is a degree of risk involved. When dealing with a telehandler, you can forget about having to calculate load weights manually. The machinery comes with a computer, which functions to calculate the ideal weight depending on various factors, for example, boom extension, the angle of the crane and so on.