All about the Electric Ride Suspension Systems for Trucks Seats

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All about the Electric Ride Suspension Systems for Trucks Seats

5 February 2018
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Truck suspension systems are necessary for countering whole body vibrations when driving a truck. Whole-body vibrations occur when shocks and spikes of energy are transferred from the wheel and body frame to the driver's cabin. If left unchecked, whole-body vibrations affect the driver's health and lower his ability to react when driving. Truck seat suspension systems should be good at absorbing all the vibration, leaving the driver comfortable, healthy and alert. Here is a thorough look at the Electric ride suspension system for truck seats to help you make the right choice:

Technology behind the Electric Suspension System

The Electric suspension is evidence of the technological breakthroughs witnessed in the automobile industry. Traditional suspension systems only respond to the motion of the truck and act through forces that are opposite to what the driver requires. When the drops into and climbs out of potholes, traditional systems do not minimise the movement of the driver's body. The seat suspension keeps moving up and down and experiences whole body vibrations.

Thankfully, the Electric ride system is here to solve all these problems. It uses data on acceleration and position to come up with the counteracting reactions and forces that will make the driver feel comfortable and safe. Unlike the traditional seat suspension systems, the Electric systems counteracts directly against the forces that are likely to injure the driver.

Elements of the System

Heavy construction equipment is often used for long hours. You need a fast suspension system that can detect a change in the vehicle's motion and intelligently counter the forces before they get to the driver. The Electric suspension system relies on a web of integrated elements to achieve this. These elements include:

  • Bi-Directional Switching Amplifier – the switching amplifier delivers power to an electromagnetic actuator depending on signals relayed from the control algorithms. It is the powerhouse of the electric suspension system.
  • Fail Safe Units - quality electric suspension systems come with self-monitoring units to ensure that the commands issued by the control algorithms are executed as required.
  • Electromagnetic Actuator – its work is to facilitate movement between the floor of the driver's cab and the seat, executing the actual suspension. Motion happens continuously to counter forces produced from long stretches of bumpy roads. The actuator comprises coils and magnets that conduct electrical current to create motion. The actuators have enough power to stand up to the weight of an adult weighing as heavy as one hundred and fifty kilogrammes.